Shows about Chicago politics, sports, movies, true crime and more.

Halas Intrigue

Get the latest Chicago Bears news and analysis in your ears several times a week. Join the conversation with Chicago Sun-Times reporters and columnists Patrick Finley, Jason Lieser, Mark Potash, Rick Morrissey and Rick Telander.

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The Fran Spielman Show

Join veteran City Hall reporter Fran Spielman as she interviews Chicago’s biggest movers and shakers. Each week, Fran sits down with a local leader, politician or policymaker to get the inside scoop on the latest news in Chicago. 

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Equal Play

Join Sun-Times multimedia journalist Annie Costabile in “Equal Play,” where we aim to highlight the brightest women in sports from the field to the front office.

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No Shot Clock

Get the latest on Chicago-area preps from sports reporters Michael O’Brien and Joe Henricksen. Each week, “No Shot Clock” recaps the highlights, memorable moments and players to watch in high school basketball. 

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Chicago Six-Times

Sun-Times columnists Richard Roeper and Rick Telander dissect every episode of ESPN’s “The Last Dance” docuseries as they reminisce about their own experience covering the legendary 90s Chicago Bulls.

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The Best Movies with Richard Roeper & Roe Conn

Whether it’s a trip down memory lane or a deep dive into your favorite genre, join noted Chicago Sun-Times film critic Richard Roeper and WGN Radio’s Roe Conn on “The Best Movies.” Catch episodes highlighting the best animated movies, action movies, comedies and more — and make sure you subscribe to get each new season. 

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It’s a cruel sociological experiment. Lock up a 13-year-old boy for a murder that he swore he didn’t commit. Release him as a 30-year-old man. Then, give him $25 million. New from the Chicago Sun-Times and WBEZ Chicago, “Motive” is a true-crime podcast hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Frank Main.

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