Letters to the Editor

Submissions from Chicago Sun-Times readers weighing in on issues facing the city and its residents.

Ending the sale of menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars by the end of the year will save lives and protect our youth.
Expanding sidewalks, adding curb bump-outs, making more bollard-protected bike lanes and raising crosswalks will do more than any new tech will, a letter writer says.
Donald Trump showed as president he did not want people telling him what he wanted to do was illegal. The country needs to be prepared if he returns to the White House, one letter writer says.
First-generation and low-income students often don’t feel like they belong on campus and face financial and other stress their peers likely do not, a vice president of Chicago Scholars writes.
People with multiple tickets should see if they qualify for Chicago’s Clear Path Relief pilot program by Dec. 31.
Don’t become a statistic: Lots of Americans have had at least one package stolen from their homes or cars.
With all the Catholic school and parish consolidations, these buildings could be retrofitted for migrants, a suburban reader writes.
People don’t want to get tickets. Flood the highways with troopers who will pull you over if you’re speeding. Problem solved. No further technology needed, a letter writer says.
Instead, find a new way to honor the legendary movie critics, a suburban reader writes. should be found.
“Forces of Pullman Labor” by Bernard Williams depicts Pullman’s labor history, a librarian writes.
Copies of Tonti’s journals are available in the Library of Congress and the Newberry Library. Tonti even had a Chicago Public School named after him, but it has since been renamed to reflect the Hispanic majority in the Southwest Side neighborhood.
Coats and other winter gear are critical to children’s health and can help them remain engaged in school, a bank executive and a nonprofit leader say about their partnership to help kids who need winter clothing.
One of the words I have not heard to describe migrants — but is a more accurate than the negative portrayals — is “families.”
Statistics show that ice hockey has more concussion injuries at the youth level based on athletic exposures, a reader says.
Let’s start by telling migrants the truth about the situation they will face here. Officials should make it easier for those who want to leave the U.S. and go back home to do so.
Having to stand before a judge and explain why a child is not regularly attending school is a great deterrent to chronic school absenteeism, a retired police officer writes.
The first-ever national caregiving strategy is a roadmap to support unpaid family caregivers, the executive director of the Illinois Family Caregiver Coalition writes.
Those who pursue elected office do so to serve the public and, in the case of many Latinos, to be a voice for underrepresented communities — at a considerable personal cost, the leader of a nonprofit writes.
Even prestigious schools like Northside College Prep and Payton College Prep have unacceptable chronic absenteeism of 25%, according to the Illinois Report Card.
So many of us will rise on Thanksgiving morning in our safe and warm homes, not in a tent, or on a sidewalk, or picking our way through the rubble and debris of war.
Integrating artificial intelligence and data analytics into traffic management systems will make everyone safer, a tech executive writes.
Last year, the AMA rightfully issued a strongly worded statement in response to the Russian military targeting health care facilities in Ukraine. A similar statement should be issued regarding Palestinians in Gaza.
It will take a diverse, durable coalition of policymakers willing to take the actions necessary to drive toward a cleaner, more equitable future, leaders of ComEd and HIRE360 write.
Fossil fuels pollute to the tune of hundreds of billions in health care costs and swipe an average of two years of life expectancy from each of us, a reader from Los Angeles says.