Lou Holtz talked smack, Marcus Freeman bumbled, a football field turned black and Connor Stalions did his thing. All of them and more are honored here.
Once the Brandon Road Interbasin Project starts will it turn the peninsula below the Brandon Road Lock and Dam into the ultimate stopping point for invasive species, especially invasive carp?
As the Bulls remain uncompetitive and, in some minds, irrelevant, the Bucks are favored by a number of analysts to return to the NBA Finals in what would be their eighth straight postseason.
So it goes when there are massive improvements to be made. Designated hitter Eloy Jimenez doesn’t have the trade value Dylan Cease would bring, but he could go as Getz covets a faster, more athletic team.
A buck in Hegewisch, symbolic of too many deer in that area, a Downstate dog story and a near-record count of cranes at Jasper-Pulaski FWA in Indana are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.
So far this winter, speculation about the top free agents, including Shohei Ohtani, has time and again included the Cubs as contenders. That’s a good start. But free agent and trade action should pick up at winter meetings next week.
The Bears’ decision to move on from Fields might be made for them.
“It’s of course [had] an effect on myself and my family, but...it’s out of our control,” Bedard said Friday in Winnipeg.
If the results tell us anything, it’s that voters were, on the whole, unable to distinguish between one brand of awful and the other.
We are primed for chaos, with a bunch of unbeaten teams going into championship weekend and a few teams behind them with absolutely stellar résumés.
The team announced Friday morning that LaVine would be sidelined at least another week with a sore right foot, but is that really a bad thing? There are growing signs that while the Bulls might not be better without the two-time All-Star guard, they definitely aren’t worse.
A day spent observing the first steps in revising the list of endangered and threatened fish in Illinois. Who knew what wonders swam in our waters?
We also asked if the holiday was better or worse because the Bears weren’t one of the six teams playing. In hindsight, maybe it was a dumb question.
Chris Getz’s first trade won’t be his last this offseason, and it might not be his biggest, not with Dylan Cease as a potential chip.
A buck wandering a Chicago cemetery, wondering about the whereabouts of a sturgeon mount and Illinois’ low fall turkey harvest are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.
Steele finished fifth in NL Cy Young voting.
DeRozan was frustrated enough by his team’s poor play in Friday’s In-Season Tournament loss to the Raptors, but his frustration boiled over thanks to some last-second shots put up by his former team with the game well in hand.
Donovan is not asking Coby White to be Lonzo Ball as far as advancing the ball and pushing the team up the floor, but there are definitely little habits White can add that made Ball so effective.
Big Game Hunting: Buckeyes-Wolverines, Northwestern-Illinois, Alabama-Auburn, Notre Dame-Stanford and other Week 13 picks.
After an ugly season, coach Drew Valentine is looking to return the Ramblers to their recent heights.
Sun-Times sports columnist finishes decades-long passion project by publishing book of poetry for children
Paul Vriend photographing a great egret in flight, Illinois’ effort to reestablish lake sturgeon and Bassmaster’s 1st “Million Dollar Man,” Larrry Nixon retiring from competitive fishing are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.