Dear Abby

Abigail Van Buren’s daily relationship advice column.

Harvard prof seeks people for trial of medication aimed at stopping Alzheimer’s before symptoms begin.
Man watched the disease do damage to his father and worries when the young woman eats carelessly and gains weight.
Woman, 56, gives serious thought to trying the treatment, despite her husband’s insistence that she looks great as she is.
She ignores man’s pleas to stop making outbursts about how he’s managing the road.
The kids’ parents feel entitled to some of the money from their late father’s estate and are blackmailing his widow to get it.
Raised by his mom after the divorce, he barely knows his biological father and suspects the couple has reunited for the wrong reason.
Friend knows the mom’s husband wasn’t really the dad, and considers telling the son that after she dies.
Even if it was just an oversight, the snub takes away a chance to show off success since high school.
She’s been avoiding parents ever since they asked her to stop bringing over women who steal from her and lie to her.
For nine months, the rude woman hasn’t responded with so much as a smile.
There’s no response to texts three months after the uncomfortable vacation.
Reader doesn’t want a roommate but worries about the safety and living conditions of friend living in a car.
All her other siblings were there as she tied the knot with a famous athlete.
Athlete’s father insists on offering free game tickets to his friends, creating an inconvenience for the family members who are supposed to get the seats.
Her marriage ended after she was caught cheating, and most of her five adult children gave up on having a mother years ago.
Unable to perform well sexually, man is sympathetic when his wife asks if she can get some action on the side.
Readers respond to loyal flip phone user who resists an upgrade that would make it easier to do business with doctors, banks and other providers.
He was wrong when he advised parking in a lot that turned out to be off-limits.
Widow, now seeing another man, is ready to stop inviting one pair of former in-laws to be houseguests.
His 2 a.m. social calls are disruptive, but otherwise the guy hasn’t done anything wrong.
Man doesn’t think he’ll ever get over her recent confession of two infidelities more than 20 years ago.
There have been so many tall tales about her parents, siblings, etc., that some believe she needs medication.
Woman worries as 13-year-old daughter decides to bring a friend partial to provocative attire.
Offered help with her child’s school pickup, she starts requesting rides for herself without offering any gas money.