Morgan Mesi says Breakthru Beverage Illinois denied coverage of a bilateral mastectomy and hormone therapy, according to a complaint filed in federal court Thursday.
Eligible residents have January deadlines to file a claim or opt out of the court settlement with the owner of the McKinley Park plant.
The drugs are shifting not only what people taking them eat but also how they think about food. That can have broad implications around food-centric holidays.
Newly released data show that nearly 50,000 Americans died by suicide last year. The national suicide rate of 14.3 deaths per 100,000 people hit its highest level since 1941.
The Urban League and other groups worked hard during the pandemic to raise vaccination rates among Black Americans. The gap is smaller, but Blacks are still less likely than whites to receive COVID-19 and influenza vaccines.
The proposed quick fixes include a six-month delay — until July 1 — in the requirement that businesses give Chicago employees five paid sick days and five paid vacation days per year.
Dr. Levin held various roles over five decades at Rush and was known as one of Chicago’s best diagnosticians. He was a mentor for generations, his colleagues said.
The decision follows the city’s release of an environmental report Friday that showed the location at 38th Street and California Avenue required metals and chemicals cleanup.
Construction was halted Sunday pending an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency review of a nearly 800-page city consultant’s study that was released Friday night.
City officials say the most problematic metals and chemicals have been removed. State environmental officials will have to sign off before the project is finalized.
The president is ordering cities to replace lead pipes for drinking water within a decade. Chicago is getting at least 40 years to fix the problem.
The sheriff’s office said that of the 16 people who died in custody at the jail, five were overdoses and four were due to natural causes. Two were slain.
Current and former tenants of Gary Carlson alleged they’ve had problems with bedbugs, mold, roaches and repairs. The city has 71 active housing court cases against him, with the latest hearing scheduled for Thursday.
In the U.S., 14 million adults have symptomatic knee osteoarthritis and more than 600,000 undergo total knee replacement surgery each year at a cost of $30,249.
At the risk of breaking up all the gridiron fun this Thanksgiving weekend, we want to remind parents of the dangers head injuries pose — even to the youngest tackle football players.
Organizations offer free meals, a dinner table and a ‘family’ environment for those who need it. Arepas were a top choice at one spot. ‘I’m feeling the warmth’ a guest said.
The department launched an investigation after receiving complaints of stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea after consuming food at a $1 burrito event for Northwestern students at Big Wig Tacos & Burritos, the department said.
In Illinois, some right-wing groups want to ban in vitro fertilization. Because of these zealots, in January our governor and state lawmakers enacted a law protecting people’s decisions to use IVF to have children.
Calumet City Mayor Thaddeus Jones said, “You have to understand how devastating the Sept. 17 flooding was…some residents have lost everything in the house.”
For those who get bitten by a dog, the most important thing to do is to get medical treatment to prevent infection, says a personal injury lawyer.
The state has essentially said “do more with less,” and we have, but there comes a point when stretching a dollar eventually tears it in two, a nursing home administrator writes.
The 75-year-old seafood restaurant at 3259 E. 95th St. passed an inspection Friday after being closed since Oct. 31, Chicago Department of Public Health records show.
A record number of people are expected to use Illinois’ airports during the Thanksgiving week as COVID-19-related hospitalizations have surged — prompting experts to warn travelers to take precautions.
At least 34 children in 22 states, including Illinois, have reportedly been sickened by lead poisoning.