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Are you getting anxious thinking your partner might propose too soon? Or worry your relationship isn’t going anywhere? Write in. Having trouble with an older co-worker who doesn’t take you seriously? Vent with me. Wondering about good places to meet new people? Ask Someone in Chicago.

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Meet Ismael Pérez

I came to Chicago unprepared and not knowing what to expect, but used lessons from past mistakes to help me find myself in the city.

My life can be described as one where I take chances, deal with the punches and learn as I go.

Situations fellow Chicagoans might be familiar with and could use some advice about.

We are privileged middle-class Mexicans. But there’s something that always brings us back to a subject we can never get away from — immigration.
I don’t know if it was the stress of the pandemic or his alcoholism wanting more from him, but my dad had been drunk for months.
When Tito died last weekend surrounded by his sisters and my dad, I couldn’t help but reflect on how much of a mystery he was to a Mexican gay kid like me.
I learned about how people dissociate to detach themselves from trauma by watching the “Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields” documentary on Hulu. It was a revelation.
If a certain pant size can be a goal, a state of mind can be one, too.