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Los reguladores medioambientales estatales determinaron que se habían detectado demasiados metales peligrosos y otras sustancias tóxicas en la propiedad que no permitían alojar con seguridad a solicitantes de asilo.
Ald. Anthony Beale’s proposed referendum would have asked voters in the March 19 primary: “Should the city of Chicago limit its designation as a sanctuary city by placing spending limits on its public funding?”
State environmental regulators determined there were too many harmful metals and other toxic substances detected on the property for it to safely house asylum-seekers.
Under an ordinance approved Monday, Rosemont could impose fines of $750 per vehicle, arrest drivers and impound buses used to bring asylum-seekers to town.
Beale tried briefly to suspend the rules Wednesday for immediate consideration of a new version stating: “Should the city of Chicago limit its designation as a sanctuary city by placing spending limits on its public funding?”
El plan de instalar un campamento en Morgan Park está en pausa por ahora, ya que la Municipalidad ha tenido éxito con otros planes.
The plan for a tent shelter in Morgan Park is on hold for now as the city has had success with other plans, and the state intends to open shelters soon, mayoral spokesman Ronnie Reese said.
Friday’s naturalization ceremony was the first held at the museum.
The Portage Park school closed this year and is expected to house up to 350 people starting as early as mid-January.
With all the Catholic school and parish consolidations, these buildings could be retrofitted for migrants, a suburban reader writes.
The plan was slapdash and slipshod from the start. Clearly, it’s a bad idea to house migrants, including children, on contaminated land.
The decision follows the city’s release of an environmental report Friday that showed the location at 38th Street and California Avenue required metals and chemicals cleanup.
El Departamento de Servicios Humanos dijo que el estado intervino mientras la Ciudad de Chicago continúa buscando vendedores de alimentos adicionales.
La Agencia de Protección Ambiental de Illinois comenzó a revisar el reporte de casi 800 páginas preparado por un consultor de la Municipalidad durante el fin de semana.
Venezuelan refugee students add to the diverse mix at Sullivan High School.
The case — filed by several regular protesters at the Southwest Side — was dismissed because construction was already paused by the state.
Construction was halted Sunday pending an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency review of a nearly 800-page city consultant’s study that was released Friday night.
El viernes por la noche, el Ayuntamiento publicó el reporte que encontró que en la propiedad había varios metales pesados y productos químicos tóxicos.
Don’t be fooled by the mayor’s winning smile and soaring, preacher’s son rhetoric, nor by the governor’s make-nice statements from the podium. There is real frustration and tension behind the scenes on both sides.
We rejected Donald Trump’s xenophobia in 2016 and 2020, and Chicago must reject it now as the presidential election and Democratic National Convention approach in 2024, state Sen. Robert Peters writes.
Another $2 million will be matched by the Chicago Food Depository, which has already been providing meals to migrants since June, in partnership with 15 minority-owned restaurants in Chicago.
El portavoz del alcalde dijo que la mitigación de los contaminantes en el terreno se completaría para el fin de la semana.
Plans to turn the West Side park field house into a migrant shelter have been abandoned as the number of migrants camped out at police stations has dropped, Ald. Chris Taliaferro said.