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Dad takes wife and kids on a road trip with assassins on his tail in the tone-deaf Apple TV+ movie.
A so-called “trial penalty” helps explain why, contrary to the impression left by movies and TV shows, criminal cases almost never go to trial, Jacob Sullum writes.
Uneven season of Netflix’s celebrated series about the British royal family does better with sophisticated storylines about Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and the final days of Princess Margaret.
Do the Zach LaVine trade rumors and the new Ring of Honor capture your imagination? Didn’t think so.
The renovation would keep the atrium and have a more transparent facade and a new plaza. But we need to see more, architecture critic Lee Bey writes.
Weird comedy’s star, Emma Stone, goes all in as a rapidly maturing, endlessly curious woman created in a lab.
The Urban League and other groups worked hard during the pandemic to raise vaccination rates among Black Americans. The gap is smaller, but Blacks are still less likely than whites to receive COVID-19 and influenza vaccines.
Why is Shannon, the best player on the 16th-ranked team in the land, averaging 21.7 points, shooting 50.8% from the field and 42.4% from three and being talked about in All-American terms? Read on.
There’s the easy way; then there’s the Dobra Bielinski way.
Timothée Chalamet underwhelms in a scattershot origin story that mixes too many ingredients into its chocolate-covered plot.
It’s that time of the year, and we can bask in all its gory — or glory.
Michigan’s commitment to fighting the pollution driving climate change is good news for communities of color that bear the burden of the effects of the crisis, but also for all Michiganders, Ben Jealous writes.
Documentary shines spotlight on instrumental talents who added to classic tracks by James Taylor, Carole King, Joni Mitchell and other greats.
It’s a strong list of contenders despite a few odd choices about ‘The Bear,’ ‘Jury Duty’ and ‘May December.’
The 11U Cowboys were on a Pop Warner mission after finishing as national runners-up a year ago.
They were impressive in all facets against the Lions.
Holidays mean delicious food, and where better to find it than Delightful Pastries in Jefferson Park?
When financial advice doesn’t fully fit into our own circumstances, it’s up to us to fill in the blanks by learning from every personal mistake and success.
The entire city is aiming at their backs. The McCaskeys and Kevin Warren sitting back on some Al Capone vibe waiting on when to give the order. Fire v. Fired. Same thing.
Rabbi Barry Axler and his wife, Morene Dunn, of River North, are heading to Israel and near Gaza this weekend to feed members of the Israeli Defense Forces, which include two of his grandchildren.
Jobs can be a source of inspiration, but opportunities are diminishing for young Black people in the Chicago area, Alden Loury writes.
A question posed by Equality Illinois brings to mind a state law that says legislators cannot promise action on a bill in exchange for a contribution.
We are standing at the beginning of the Bears’ inevitable, inescapable moment of change. The decisions that will be made all predicated on this five-game assessment capsule will determine what the upcoming five-year future of the franchise will be.
Lou Holtz talked smack, Marcus Freeman bumbled, a football field turned black and Connor Stalions did his thing. All of them and more are honored here.
Why is it so hard to see what is happening to Jews in the U.S. and around the world for what it is, asks Mona Charen.
Politically, Moms for Liberty has done the Republicans more harm than good by banning books, attacking teachers and librarians, and picking on LGBTQ students.