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If passed, the Chicago Rideshare Living Wage and Safety Ordinance would raise drivers’ wages, improve driver safety and create a transparent system to handle driver deactivation.
The high court had been asked to issue an injunction that would have blocked the year-old law, which prohibits the possession, manufacture or sale of semiautomatic rifles and high-capacity magazines.
The Illinois Commerce Commission cut off spending for the pipe program last month pending an investigation into the project, which is years behind schedule and billions of dollars beyond initial budget estimates.
A split decision from the Illinois Commerce Commission sends ComEd back to the drawing board for a plan that lines up with a clean energy law signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker — and it means Chicagoans will see much smaller electric bill increases than expected in the new year.
A hair recovered from the gloved left index finger of victim Frances Murphy belonged to one of four brothers from the area, according to a DNA test, and the only explanation is that someone else was involved in the 1960 crime, attorney Andrew Hale wrote in a letter to a Will County prosecutor.
Ald. Anthony Beale’s proposed referendum would have asked voters in the March 19 primary: “Should the city of Chicago limit its designation as a sanctuary city by placing spending limits on its public funding?”
Former Rep. Liz Cheney joins Lynn Sweet to talk about her new best seller, “Oath and Honor” and the dangers of Trump on December 21.
Teresa Haley denies making the inflammatory comments about asylum-seekers apparently captured on video from a recent conference call of NAACP leaders.
The dispute is over whether a federal bribery statute criminalizes only bribery, as opposed to also criminalizing so-called gratuities or rewards.
The 221-212 party-line vote put the entire House Republican conference on record in support of an impeachment process. Biden questions the priorities of the House GOP.
‘You have heard about a pattern of unlawful activity,’ prosecutor Diane MacArthur said. ‘Standing at the center of that steady drumbeat of unlawful activity is this man, Edward Burke.’
State environmental regulators determined there were too many harmful metals and other toxic substances detected on the property for it to safely house asylum-seekers.
The tavern-restaurant announced Wednesday that it will shut down at the end of dinner service on New Year’s Eve.
Brushing aside criticism that he has remained silent since the crash, CTA President Dorval Carter said National Transportation Safety Board rules prohibit him from commenting on the investigation. But he tried to allay speculation about a potential design flaw.
Beale tried briefly to suspend the rules Wednesday for immediate consideration of a new version stating: “Should the city of Chicago limit its designation as a sanctuary city by placing spending limits on its public funding?”
Mayor Brandon Johnson was forced to call for a recess after public observers gathered in the third-floor gallery overlooking the City Council chambers banged on the glass and shouted from their seats.
Ed Burke’s defense attorneys made good on their promise to call Solis to testify, forcing him out into the open nearly five years after the Chicago Sun-Times revealed his cooperation with the feds in January 2019.
Brian Beals was convicted in the 1988 slaying of a 6-year-old boy in Englewood. Five witnesses corroborated that Beals was the intended target and not the shooter.
This would be a radical departure for a school system built around allowing parents to choose where their children attend. But it would be a welcome change for public education advocates.
Democrats meet in Chicago in August. Republicans gather in Milwaukee in July, with both events offering thousands of volunteer opportunities.
Rommell Kellogg was convicted of collecting payments from Arnie’s Idle Hour in Harvey in exchange for the city not closing the club, where prostitution flourished.
The new rules were prompted after a number of intense and chaotic City Council meetings.
The proposed quick fixes include a six-month delay — until July 1 — in the requirement that businesses give Chicago employees five paid sick days and five paid vacation days per year.
Current CEO, board lack vision and desire to help more families, activists say, citing broken promises to build more public housing.