Climate news, including natural resources, endangered species, sustainability and conservation in Chicago.

Eligible residents have January deadlines to file a claim or opt out of the court settlement with the owner of the McKinley Park plant.
ComEd and Ameren are asking us to pay more to get less. As the state transitions to clean energy, the Illinois Commerce Commission should right-size electric utilities’ spending and limit the financial impact on customers.
Michigan’s commitment to fighting the pollution driving climate change is good news for communities of color that bear the burden of the effects of the crisis, but also for all Michiganders, Ben Jealous writes.
The plan was slapdash and slipshod from the start. Clearly, it’s a bad idea to house migrants, including children, on contaminated land.
The decision follows the city’s release of an environmental report Friday that showed the location at 38th Street and California Avenue required metals and chemicals cleanup.
Former Mayor Rahm Emanuel, furious over the legal battle that forced movie mogul George Lucas to cancel plans for a $743 million museum on the lakefront, derisively branded Irizarry’s organization “Friends of the Parking Lot.”
Expanding leased space near City Hall is crucial, Council committee members were told, but some members said that using vacant space in their wards would save money.
Construction was halted Sunday pending an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency review of a nearly 800-page city consultant’s study that was released Friday night.
Allowing the fossil fuel industries to wield their power in the UN’s climate talks means pulling punches against the greatest existential threat faced by humanity, all to spare those companies a threat to their bottom lines.
The new system was approved as part of the decision that also saw regulators cut a rate hike requested by Peoples Gas from $402 million down to about $301 million.
City officials say the most problematic metals and chemicals have been removed. State environmental officials will have to sign off before the project is finalized.
The president is ordering cities to replace lead pipes for drinking water within a decade. Chicago is getting at least 40 years to fix the problem.
The Shedd Aquarium has officially introduced Isla, the newly named rockhopper penguin that hatched in June. Her parents are celebs Edward and Annie.
This year’s annual United Nations climate summit, which starts Thursday, should bring our climate emergency back to the forefront. Americans should demand our leaders make saving the planet a priority.
Like pollution and climate change, inadequate access to nature is not a crisis shouldered equally, Ben Jealous writes.
Our changing climate disrupts the environmental cues animals rely on to solve problems like selecting a habitat, finding food and choosing mates, a neuroscientist writes.
Mayor Brandon Johnson is moving ahead with plans to shelter up to 2,000 asylum-seekers despite protests in the Southwest Side community.
Elvis, a 3-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier mix, was the only pet left after 61 other animals were adopted at a Nov, 11 adoption event. But it’s no heartbreak hotel tale.
Calumet City Mayor Thaddeus Jones said, “You have to understand how devastating the Sept. 17 flooding was…some residents have lost everything in the house.”
The commission’s decision will put money back into the pockets of ratepayers.
Calling them ‘envoys of friendship between the Chinese and American peoples,’ President Xi Jinping of China signals that more pandas would be sent to the U.S.
Well-funded attacks against strong climate policies were ignored or rejected by the voters in the Nov. 7 elections.
Scientists are telling us the last 12 months have been the hottest since recordkeeping began in the 1800s, pushing us closer to the level of warming that could lead to irreversible ecological damage.