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After losing 101 games, White Sox fans lost a beloved broadcaster who was a lifelong Sox fan himself.
Granato last appeared on NBCSCH on Dec. 5, joining Charlie Roumeliotis on the debut of “HawkCast.”
Over-the-air TV is coming in handy for teams and leagues looking for new homes and wider distribution amid the upheaval pervading regional sports networks.
Both broadcasters worked for the same owner and were in similar situations. Yet Benetti’s relationship with the Sox differed from Amin’s with the Bulls.
The league has spread out its schedule so much that there’s less inventory available for Sunday afternoons, thus limiting the opportunities to flex.
Charissa Thompson’s admission about fabricating sideline reports strikes at the heart of what profession is about.
The comments caused a firestorm on social media among current sideline reporters who felt disparaged — and rightly so.
Multiple sources said the Sox’ senior vice president and chief revenue and marketing officer was at the center of the situation, particularly an inappropriate remark he made to Benetti.
Each Saturday night will include a double-header on Scripps’ over-the-air ION network.
Benetti’s last contract negotiation was filled with acrimony because of his national obligations with Fox. The relationship had soured, and the Tigers swooped in with a significant offer, according to a source.
The book personalizes his podcast of the same name. Of the nearly 100 people he has interviewed, Ofman selected 50 to expound upon in vignettes about his relationship with each.
Prime Video will carry the Panthers-Bears game Thursday, and though its infrastructure can handle a big crowd, it’ll be interesting to see if all that bandwidth is needed for two teams that have combined for three wins.
Marquee Sports Network announced on Tuesday that it will televise this year’s Prep Bowl, which will be held at Lane on Nov. 24 at 1 p.m.
NBC Sports Chicago is adding cameras, staff and other elements to the production of the Bulls’ first group-play game Friday against the Nets.
Dollar signs have trumped tradition and any pushback that might have come from the schools.
Games 2 and 3 are the least-watched on record, according to Nielsen.
Though video is king, Sciambi loves radio. He has great respect for the mechanics of the job, such as pacing and speaking efficiently.
In the league’s latest marketing move, a nearly two-minute spot features Imperioli narrating how seven players — DeRozan, Anthony Davis, Trae Young, Julius Randle, Kawhi Leonard, Darius Garland and Draymond Green — are in a casino plotting to steal the NBA Cup which goes to the winner of the new in-season tournament.
As the Blackhawks fell deeper in the standings the last three seasons, Boyle felt the effects. That began to change when the Hawks won the NHL Draft Lottery, serving up phenom Bedard just for them.
For decades, their viewing habits have been subsidized by those who don’t watch sports. Fans have accounted for roughly 10% of cable subscribers, but 100% have paid providers to carry the games.
Butkus, who died on Oct. 5 at the age of 80, appeared in dozens of movies, television shows and commercials following his nine-year playing career with the Chicago Bears.
But don’t blame the WNBA, don’t blame the players, don’t blame the players for being women. Blame us, blame society, blame sports and the people who are in charge of making sure sports have become essential to our life’s existence.