News from the Illinois state legislature, governor and lawmakers in Springfield.

The dispute is over whether a federal bribery statute criminalizes only bribery, as opposed to also criminalizing so-called gratuities or rewards.
A question posed by Equality Illinois brings to mind a state law that says legislators cannot promise action on a bill in exchange for a contribution.
Lawmakers must consider new taxes, combining four regional transit agencies under one board and changing fee structures. The report recommends the state prop up public transit with $1.5 billion.
In June, Gov. J.B. Pritzker first announced the partnership after allocating $1.6 million of this year’s budget to fund the program throughout Illinois.
A new report finds the state needs to boost highway safety with motorcycle helmet requirements, child passenger safety rules and teen driving regulations.
If folks want Illinois and Chicago to invest in core public services to build a decent quality of life for everyone, they must support elected officials willing to raise tax revenue to get the job done, a fiscal expert argues.
Don’t be fooled by the mayor’s winning smile and soaring, preacher’s son rhetoric, nor by the governor’s make-nice statements from the podium. There is real frustration and tension behind the scenes on both sides.
If state revenues fall in the next fiscal year, as projected, base spending will likely have to be cut, Rich Miller writes.
A Chicago man sued when his insurance company refused to pay for injuries his son suffered when he was hit by a driver while riding a bicycle.
A slew of statewide and county candidates filed petitions with the Illinois State Board of Elections and the Cook County clerk’s office on the first day of the week-long filing period to gain a spot on the March 19 primary ballot.
So on this Thanksgiving Day let’s give thanks for the hope of a humanitarian pause to free victims from unspeakable carnage and pause as Americans to count our blessings — and try not to abandon each other.
Calumet City Mayor Thaddeus Jones said, “You have to understand how devastating the Sept. 17 flooding was…some residents have lost everything in the house.”
Too many proponents seemed more interested in battling with teachers’ unions than seeking a deal to protect kids already in the program, Rich Miller writes.
U.S. District Judge Virginia Kendall, prosecutors and defense attorneys have seated 12 jurors at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse who will hear evidence that was used in 2019 to level criminal charges against Burke in a push against old-school, Chicago-style corruption.
Cost-of-living increases of 3% will be granted to all retired Chicago police officers, regardless of whether they were born before or after Jan. 1, 1966. Gov. J.B. Pritzker in 2021 signed into law a similar measure for retired firefighters.
Stacy Davis Gates complained online that reporters didn’t ask the CTU about the union’s reasons for not supporting a bill that would have given it a fully elected board right away.
Proponents say smaller nuclear reactors will help get the state to its goal of being carbon-free by 2045 by providing an alternative to coal and natural gas. Gov. J.B. Pritzker is expected to sign the measure.
Lawmakers tried unsuccessfully to keep alive a program that sent 9,700 students to private schools this year with taxpayer support.
Divisions over the city’s elected school board remain — including disagreement over how many members should be appointed versus elected next year. The issue will likely be kicked to January when legislators return to Springfield.
Illinois Senate President Don Harmon says he won’t back “woefully inadequate ethical provisions” of House measure allowing election of 10 board members and appointment of 10 by Mayor Brandon Johnson next year.
Supporters say it helps lower-income families send kids to private school. Opponents call it a back-door voucher program funded by taxpayers.
An amendment filed by Illinois Senate President Don Harmon, D-Oak Park, would allow the board to be fully elected as soon as next year by splitting up memberships to two and four-year terms.
Private school tax credits, the lifting of a nuclear power plant moratorium and an elected school board map are among the most pressing issues facing lawmakers Tuesday.
Legislation in Springfield could open the door to keeping the River North gaming venue operating beyond 2026. Bally’s says its permanent venue should be ready by then.