Jeff Agrest

Deputy sports editor

Jeff Agrest is deputy sports editor at the Chicago Sun-Times.

After losing 101 games, White Sox fans lost a beloved broadcaster who was a lifelong Sox fan himself.
Granato last appeared on NBCSCH on Dec. 5, joining Charlie Roumeliotis on the debut of “HawkCast.”
Over-the-air TV is coming in handy for teams and leagues looking for new homes and wider distribution amid the upheaval pervading regional sports networks.
Both broadcasters worked for the same owner and were in similar situations. Yet Benetti’s relationship with the Sox differed from Amin’s with the Bulls.
The league has spread out its schedule so much that there’s less inventory available for Sunday afternoons, thus limiting the opportunities to flex.
The comments caused a firestorm on social media among current sideline reporters who felt disparaged — and rightly so.
Multiple sources said the Sox’ senior vice president and chief revenue and marketing officer was at the center of the situation, particularly an inappropriate remark he made to Benetti.
Benetti’s last contract negotiation was filled with acrimony because of his national obligations with Fox. The relationship had soured, and the Tigers swooped in with a significant offer, according to a source.
The book personalizes his podcast of the same name. Of the nearly 100 people he has interviewed, Ofman selected 50 to expound upon in vignettes about his relationship with each.