Patrick Finley

Chicago Bears reporter

Patrick Finley covers the Chicago Bears for the Chicago Sun-Times.

Jackson is ready for Browns quarterback Joe Flacco to try to throw deep.
Moore hurt his ankle on the Bears’ first play of the third quarter Sunday
The Bears though they knew what look the Lions defense would give them on fourth-and-one about three minutes into the second quarter. They were wrong.
The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ game Sunday in Cleveland:
Fields is going back to the scene of the Bears’ biggest crime as an offense.
Eberflus said the team met with its analytics guru, Harrison Freid, and decided “what’s best for our football team, based on the strength of the opponent in terms of their offense and defense.”
Moore twisted his ankle Sunday when he was tackled alongside the Bears sideline after a four-yard run on the team’s first play of the second half.
Owners voted Wednesday to add a game in Sao Paulo in 2024, marking the fifth continent in which the league has played. The NFL will play three games in London again next year as well as a game in Munich.
Ngakoue, who was hurt in the fourth quarter, will need surgery, coach Matt Eberflus said.