CST Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is the opinion voice of the Chicago Sun-Times. It is headed by Editorial Page Editor Lorraine Forte and includes Thomas Frisbie, Lee Bey, Rummana Hussain, Marlén Garcia and Mary Mitchell as members.

Too many innocent lives have been lost in Gaza, many of them children. Israelis have lost their lives as well, on Oct 7 and after. A cease-fire is an imperfect beginning, but if not now, when?
Newly released data show that nearly 50,000 Americans died by suicide last year. The national suicide rate of 14.3 deaths per 100,000 people hit its highest level since 1941.
Proposed legislation would inject competition into the system of networks that process credit card transactions.
Technology should help media workers do their jobs, not impersonate them or actually carry out the tasks of real humans hired to dig for facts.
The murder of a man near the encampment is the latest example of surging crime in the area. The Johnson administration can’t engage in any quid pro quo with public safety at stake.
A vote in favor of designating both skyscrapers as landmarks is the right way to go. It tells the feds the city wants the two historic properties saved.
Chicago has amassed more than $6.4 billion in unpaid fees and fines over the last three decades. It won’t be possible to recoup all that money, but city officials should be aggressive about getting what they can.
The plan was slapdash and slipshod from the start. Clearly, it’s a bad idea to house migrants, including children, on contaminated land.
Nothing will deter some speed demons to ease up on the accelerator, but most drivers with a tendency to go over the speed limit would obey the rules of the road if they were given a nudge.