Lee Bey

Architecture Critic and member of the Editorial Board
The renovation would keep the atrium and have a more transparent facade and a new plaza. But we need to see more, architecture critic Lee Bey writes.
The fire is under investigation, but the 131-year-old home’s survival could rest with the results of a structural report now being prepared by city building inspectors.
But a building that beckoned toward the future, housing the former Woods Motor Vehicle Co., shouldn’t be consigned to the past, architecture critic Lee Bey writes.
Caputo’s Fresh Markets in Norridge has a visually-exciting canopy — no, it’s not a roof collapse — that is a counterpoint to the drab, by-the-numbers store frontages most shoppers encounter.
Coffey’s restoration of the Chicago Theatre and other venues contributed to the creation of Loop’s live theater district.
The $6 million demolition isn’t a complete surprise, but it possibly means the end of the building’s current blue, salmon and white color scheme, one of its signature features.
The grant — announced this weekend — helps cover the planned $5 million restoration and rehabilitation of the 1907 North Lawndale garden.
Gia Biagi said under the new post at Jeanne Gang’s firm, her team will work to help revive cities and “put our tools in service of helping communities solve problems.”
The best of these vintage signs were part of the urban fabric and contributed as much to a neighborhood’s identity as a landmark building or an important open space, Lee Bey writes.